How To install Citrix ICA Client on 64 bit Linux Mint 10.

Citrix do not provide a 64bit ICA Client for Linux. It is necessary to configure Linux Mint to run the 32 bit client in a 64 bit operating system. This Knowledge Base article helps describe the process.

Download the Citrix Client

Version 11.100 x86 client English .tar.gz

Do not use the Download Manager, just click “Click Here”

Save the file, do not open in the “Archive Manager”

Download the 32 bit Open Motif binary

Select openmotif_2.3.3-1_lucid_i386.deb


The configuration steps are:

1) Install the 32 bit libraries to allow 32 bit applications to run on a 64 bit operating system

2) Install the Citrix ICA Client software

3) Install the Open Motif libraries required by the Citrix ICA Client software

4) Check the installation

1) Install the 32 bit libraries

In a terminal session:

sudo apt-get install ia32-lib

2) Install the Citrix ICA Client software

In the same terminal session:

cd Downloads
mkdir citrix-11
mv linuxx86-11.100.158406.tar.gz citrix-11
cd citrix-11
gunzip linuxx86-11.100.158406.tar.gz
tar xf linuxx86-11.100.158406.tar
sudo ./setupwfc

When working through the installation, I select the following options:

"1. Install Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.100".

Accept the default directory where Citrix Receiver for Linux is to be installed. For 11.100 this is "/usr/lib/ICAClient".

Proceed with the installation when prompted. Type "y" at this point.

Accept the licence agreement.

Integrate Citrix Receiver with KDE and GNOME, just accept the default.

Use the GStreamer plugin from the client, just accept the default.

Don't install USB support, just accept the default.

Finally, select option 3, Quit Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.100 setup

3) Install the Open Motif libraries

These libraries are 32 bit because the application is 32 bit. To allow 32 bit libraries to be installed on a 64 bit operating system, it is necessary to add the "--force-architecture" parameter, otherwise dpkg will reject the package.

cd ..
sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture openmotif_2.3.3-1_lucid_i386.deb

4) Check the installation

Use ldd to check the dependencies are met.

richard@linux-mint-10 ~ $ ldd /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr =>  (0xf772a000) => /usr/lib/ (0xf74b0000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf74a7000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7495000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf748c000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7473000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf745c000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7458000) => /lib32/ (0xf7454000) => /lib32/ (0xf743a000) => /lib32/ (0xf72e0000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf728d000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7170000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7160000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf714c000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7147000) => /lib32/ (0xf7142000)
    /lib/ (0xf772b000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7128000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf70f8000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7081000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7076000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7070000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf705b000) => /lib32/ (0xf7034000)

Run the Citrix ICA Client to see that it works.