Littleton Sailing Club - Shepperton

Meeting in the Bar,  upstairs in the Clubhouse.  Donations are requested to cover the cost of rental, heating and power.

Littleton Lake Sailing Club is run by the Civil Service Sailing Association and local sailers are welcomed. Littleton Lake is located between Chertsey Bridge and Shepperton Studios.  Did you know Dad's Army was filmed at Shepperton Studios? 

Access to the site requires a Member's card, to open the automated gate to the car park. The gate will be open for 1 hour at the start of the event, when the gate is closed it will be necessary to ring the number on the gate, to get someone to walk down the driveway to the gate, and open the gate. When exiting the car park, the gate is activated by a metal sensor in the road or a Member's access card.  DO NOT TAIL GATE TO GET THROUGH THE GATE. The Sailing club accepts no liability for to damage to cars. The gate closes automatically after 1 minute.

Please park in the car park and walk up to the clubhouse through the car park and boat storage area.  There are 2x bays, with very restricted parking next to the club door,  reserved for drop-off of equipment and for Emergency Services access to the lake.



How to get to Littleton Sailing Club

The easiest method is to drive to the lake, via Chertsey or Shepperton. Directions and maps can be found on the LSC website.

Public transport doesn't cater well for access to the lake. Best to make arrangements to get a lift from a local rail station, via the SurreyLUG maillist.


Littleton Sailing Club - Shepperton











The Clubhouse affords fantastic views across the lake. The upstairs is split evenly between a bar area and canteen. Visit the LSC website for more information and photos of the site and its activites.

The Clubhouse has limited power outlets,  so Power Extension blocks would be helpful, if you need to plug into power.
A projector and WiFi are available.
Toilets are available in the Ladies and Gents changing rooms on the ground floor.



The Clubhouse has a Canteen and Bar,  but these are not typically open when there is no scheduled sailing.  So it's either sandwiches (you bring) or you pop out for a pub lunch. There is a kettle, mugs and sink available in the canteen kitchen.



Winter venue only. During the summer months, when the LSC is used for sailing on Saturdays, this venue will not be availble. See the LSC website calendar for dates when Saturday sailing is scheduled [typically April - October].