Surrey LUG Summer BBQ 11 July 2015


Yes, it's summer time, get ready for almost raw i/o, or slightly cooked!


The Annual BBQ


Saturday 11 July. 

Photo 11 July, by Sam


Same location as past years, John W's place, somewhere in West Surrey!  More specific details via email.

I would like to know the expected numbers a few days in advance, so mail me (off-list, without [Surrey] in the subject, please). That's slug7of9 followed by an 'at' sign johnwash. co. uk.

Although the location is not good for public transport, we can usually organise lifts from major train stations -- mention this in your mail.  Or you can cycle!  (Hey, I do, so did Desmond!).  Drivers, if you'll be going near a railway station, please mention that.

Parking arrangements will depend on number of cars, so please mention if you're driving.


There will be a barbie (initially surrounded by the usual suspects showing off their leet skills with petrol, singed eyebrows, third degree burns, etc).

You will be bringing your own choice of protein, roadkill, spamburger or worse, for your own consumption.  Likewise beverage.

There may be limited wifi, though this is not certain.  In extremis, geeks may be required to indulge in conversation, though other forms of light entertainment, e.g. pouring beer into keyboards, may be acceptable (if sanctioned by the keyboard's owner).



If the forecast is dodgy (or indeed exceedingly hot), some more cover would be welcome.  If you can bring some kind of awning, thanks.  I suggest such offers are discussed on-list, so we get enough cover without going OTT.

There will be dozens of plastic stacking chairs, but if you fancy more comfortable seating, please bring it.

Anything else I've forgotten???


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Saturday, July 11, 2015 - 12:00