September 2013

Surrey LUG Pub Meet Wednesday 25th September 2013 - The Dummond, Guildford

This month's pub meet is again in Guildford, at The Drummond on Woodbridge Road, a short walk from the main station, on Wednesday 25th from 6.30/7.00pm until late. Their website is

Audio streaming over wifi

This page is a collection of install notes, how to's and ideas and diary of the experience.

An experiment into 'Silent Disco" style broadcast for small events + house paties.

Other alternatives are  rent the gear like this :

100 headsets  for  £220




IceCast project

Surrey LUG Bring-A-Box 14th September 2013


This month we are at LiNCORE offices (part of the ReigateHub) in Reigate on 10th August. Our thanks go to Jay Bennie for hosting us.

Bring a 'box', bring a notebook/netbook, bring anything that might run Linux, or just bring yourself and enjoy socialising, learning, teaching or simply chilling out!