June 2010

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Bring-A-Box: 14th Aug 2010: Juniper Hall, Dorking

Juniper Hall

This was another very successful meeting with about 25 of us.  Highlights included our first Geek Quiz!

Annual BBQ June 19th 2010

This year's BBQ will be at JohnW's on June 19th, nominal times 11am-5pm.  You need to mail him to let him know you're attending (bbq at johnwash dot co uk).  Partners also welcome if they can tolerate us!If you don't know where it is, details by mail.  Salad and bread will be supplied.  Bring your own food and drink. 

Hoping the weather will be better this year, last year it was wet, but thanks to several people bringing marquees and camping stuff (especially Jacqui) we survived ok!