Nokia Southwood in Farnborough

Nokia Southwood, Farnborough

For H&S reasons, anybody attending a meeting at Nokia is required to register emergency contact details with Bob - see the MailingList posts for more details. 

How to get to Nokia Southwood

  • Nearest junction: M3 J4a
  • Postcode of area: GU14 0NG
For entry: front gates will be closed on the day. Press intercom button on left wall and mention "Linux user group". Parking is available in front of the buildings. You need to be in building 1 which is the left building as you enter the site.  
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Tea / Coffee and hot choccy is available for free on the ground floor. There is no hot food service available on the day, so it's either sandwiches (you bring) or you pop out for a pub lunch.

Rules regarding photography/video

There are a few simple rules laid down regarding photography and taking videos. Remember, the group and its members are guests at Nokia's facility, so please respect the staff's wishes if you are visiting.
  1. Do not take photos or video of the building(s), even from the road.  If you are seen to do this, you will be refused admittance.  (This is an R&D site and not a public place)
  2. When inside, only take photos & video directly of the item of interest.  Please do not pan cameras around snapping shots or filming.  (If you take a group snapshot in the Atrium this will be fine. If you're found to be -for example- filming into the ground floor office areas you will be removed from the site.)
  3. Breaking either of these two rules also means you will be refused entry to the future meets.