BringABox Saturday 13 December 2008


Surrey Uni, close to Guildford and the A3. School of Management


This was a joint meeting with Hampshire and around 20-25 attended. We started with two talks before lunch:

  • Adam Trickett of Hampshire LUG gave his talk on 'Desktop Adapted for Dad' (DAD), an entertaining and thought provoking talk for any of us keen to spread Linux to people with little or no computer experience.

  • Michael Judd followed with an overview of Adempiere, an open source ERP system. This is a fork of Compiere and is one of the most active projects on Sourceforge. It's worthy of consideration by any business that looks like outgrowing the traditional small business solutions of Sage etc and goes head to head with major proprietary solutions such as SAP. Whereas Adam's talk was aimed at those supporting computing for friends and family, the evangelising side of Linux, Michael's talk was a good complement, focussing on the value of open source in serious business and provoked a number of questions from the audience.


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