BringABox Saturday 8 November 2008


Red Hat, Farnborough (BringABox/RedHat). Our return to Red Hat, a couple of years after several good meetings at their previous Guildford offices. A most impressive new venue, with excellent facilities and very welcoming hosts Jon and Stuart.


Without Fay to chivvy us into presentations and a low turnout from Hants (usually happy to give a talk, but having had their own meeting the previous week) there were no formal presentations this time. But many various activities around the room, with plenty of opportunity for "over the shoulder" learning. Some boxes brought to the meeting, others using the PCs available in the teaching labs. Three labs are available, but with about 15-20 of us at this meeting, it was more friendly to stay together in one. On a Saturday there's no food within the building, so some of us set off in search of lunch elsewhere. The Swan Inn ( is within walking distance (veer to the left in BMW's car park, and up the steps, don't take the shorter route trampling their rose beds). The Swan has gone for quality without regard for price (much like BMW really!) so may not be everyone's choice. Excellent tasty beer at 2.90 a pint, 7.50 for a generous Prawn and Avocado baguette (including salad with a nice mustardy vinaigrette dressing and plenty of chips). Spicy pumpkin soup a somewhat smaller portion, clearly intended only as a starter. Skate with caper sauce at a tenner. We need to do more research on alternatives nearby in Farnborough.

Open source isn't just about being the best. It's also about


you're the best!

Red Hat has a light airy modern canteen (good coffee machine) with views all around. Some companies would settle for a mere corporate Lear jet... but not Red Hat! Soon after 5pm we packed up and left the building, happy with the day's achievements. Next month back to Surrey University, but looking forward to a return to Red Hat, perhaps in March.