BringABox Saturday 10 November 2007

A well attended meeting, did anyone count the turnout? Probably around 30 people, lots of chat and interaction as well as the presentations going on in the second room. The last penguins to leave waddled out into a crisp autumn night around 6pm.


University of Surrey, Guildford


Alan Pope showed off his dinky little Intel Classmate for people with small fingers running Edubuntu

We then had three presentations, all of which were video'd and are available on

  • Automated server installs with Puppet and PuppetMaster
    • Adrian Bridgett

  • News from the Ubuntu Developer Summit
    • Alan Pope



  • Introduction to bitlbee (an IM/IRC gateway)
    • Tony Whitmore

(Did these happen at the November meet? Should they be moved to future, or what?)

  • Devolo HomePlug AV units
    • Adam Trickett
  • Fedora 8 copying/install session
    • Stephan Davies

Linux isn't just for testosterone-fuelled geeks:

A project for a Linux-powered automatic knitting machine?

And Linux doesn't need a big machine: