BringABox 8 September 2007


About 20 people, including some from Hampshire and Sussex.


University of Surrey, Guildford


This month we welcomed back Hants, who previously joined us earlier this year: BringABoxArchive/20070113, and as hoped it turned out to be an exciting and well attended meeting with new faces to meet and contacts to strengthen.

  • Adam Trickett gave a talk introducing Perl
    • Thanks especially to Adam for a great talk on Perl. Beforehand some might have been wondering how deep he'd get into the language -- but instead it was an excellent tour around the infrastructure that's built up around the mature and respected language, to demystify getting started with the many books and web sites and other facilities available.
  • Later, John W, Desmond, Casper, Clive, Fay and others looked at the Gimp.
  • Lots else... more details please!

A pirate's treasure chest was delved into, and finally the chest itself was taken by a mystery figure with a wooden leg and a parrot on her shoulder. We wrapped up around 5.30pm and adjourned to support the student bar...