BringABox 13 May 2006

Pizza for lunch... ...followed by a cool dessert:


AnthonyR, BillWolfe, CasperGasper, CliveD, Dominic, Graham, Ian M, Jacqui, James W, Jim, John M, JohnW, Jorge, Oliver, SirajSidRakhada.



Topics from the After Lunch Menu:

  • Investigation of various elderly boxes donated by a local school
  • Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux
  • Ian's 19th century kernel demo (1.12.what??) (edit - 1.2.13 I believe I heard - Sid).
  • From the 22nd century: Dominic's shuttle and Sid's camcorder joining forces (Firewire and Kino)
  • Clive on Tesco phones and a demo of

There was a good combination of activity and chat, it was good to see several new faces -- we hope they enjoyed the meeting and will be back for more.