BringABox 11 June 2005

Executive summary :) Debian on old world PPC by Juergen.

Spot-the-difference competiton between Ubuntu on PC and Ubuntu on PPC. CD giveaways:

Another excellent meeting yesterday. We were greeted with one of John's famous spreads featuring _two_ home made pizzas while out in the sunshine the cats held a 'still life' competition, draping themselves sumptuously across the stonework.

Ever one for a challenge, Juergen kicked off with a demo of installing Linux on a PowerPC Mac. Apple kicked back with a graphics res of 852x634 (?) which meant we wouldn't be seeing a GUI in our lifetime, but the install completed with text logins and showed how different the procedure is from installing on Intel. I reckon Juergen lost a few kgs preparing that one, proving that pizza is essential to LUG meetings.

Clive brought along a stack of print-outs made over the last few weeks any time he came across something interesting and rattled off the background to each one. This touched on an eye-popping range of issues from firewall insecurities to Ubuntu marketing and we all grabbed some of said print-outs with URLs to follow up.

On offer this month were memory, network bits, monitors, distros of Centos, Suse (boxed) and Ubuntu, books on Redhat, Debian, digital photography, VB, a C++ compiler..... the list goes on, or would if I could remember it all. Obviously much of this is still there for the asking / bidding / swapping.