Sirius Corporation, Rivermead House, Addlestone

Travel Options


Head down to the very southern end of Hamm Moor lane. You will see a building with a car park underneath and a sign on the left saying 'Rivermead House'. If you're not able to park next to or under the building, there is ample parking along the left-hand side of Hamm Moor lane, next to the canal.

It is often useful to use the 'streetmap' feature of Google Maps, so you know exactly what you're looking for!

If you are coming from Addlestone Station by foot, then just keep going as straight as you can down Shakespeare Road. As you cross the bit of green there is a path straight on which brings you to Hamm Moor Lane, then you turn right and the place is at the end.  It's a very short walk.


There is no food available at the office. People usually head out to the nearby pub (The Pelican) for lunch or bring their own sandwiches. There are supermarkets in the centre of Addlestone.