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My Favourite Apps

WiFi Analyser - where has that wifi signal gone?

BT Fon - helps you pick-up wifi hotspots, but you need to have a FON or BT account.

QuickSettings - like those handy wigets that get you into Airplane mode, only this one adds a Torch, Battery indicator, bit of a Swiss Army knife.

Dave H:
1) Ubuntu One Files: Syncs and provides file access between phone, Desktop and Netbook
2) Gmail - Email on the Go.
3) Google maps, find any place or business.
4) Google Navigation: A Satnav in your pocket !
5) Gmail, contacts and Calenda synced between phone, desktop and netbook.
6) Google Sky map - fantastic !!

My Device and ROM Release

Dave H: HTC Wildfire Android 2.2.1



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