Michael-John Turner, random geek

I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but now living in Surrey. By day I work as an SAP consultant, attempting to use open source wherever I can. By night I play with real computers (no, PeeCees are not real computers) and hack on whatever itch needs to be scratched.

Although I've been using Linux since 1994, my favourite operating system is NetBSD - in the words of Jochen Kunz, the most sane implementation of the UNIX paradigm. When it comes to Linux, Debian is my preferred distribution and I've been using it almost exclusively since 1997. Hardware-wise, I have a particular fondness for SPARC -and Alpha-based systems, particularly if they're running NetBSD. I have also been known to use Mac OS X at times...


More info about me can be found on my homepage. In addition, I blog about my adventures playing with old hardware, hacking on NetBSD and generally being a geek.